Getting Your Write On with Author Terry Odell

Getting Your Write On with Author Terry Odell

It never fails to amaze me the wealth of knowledge available for free in the World Wide Web. As a writer constantly trying to hone my skills, I search for good tips and techniques often. Terry Odell is writer I’ve discovered through social networking, specifically on Twitter. Through her profile, I found her author’s website, featuring book information, and her blog, Terry’s Place. Terry is very diligent at putting new posts on her blog.

I had a bit of trouble figuring out her technique in each blog post (she has a feature that adds the name of the book she’s currently reading at the top of each post), but once I read more deeply I found a treasure-trove of great posts full of information I can use now or store later. She gives us a look into how she makes writing work her. One of her current posts, Don’t Ask Me for Blueprints, really spoke to me as an as-yet unpublished writer. She relayed that I don’t have to try to follow rigid plotting rules to write my book. I had already discovered that strict plotting doesn’t work for me. My idea of an outline is a few scene notes with hints as to the action contained in each. Then I just go with it. Terry seems to make that method work for her: “I move walls as I write. I don’t have an outline, much less a blueprint. Characters reveal back story as the story unfolds, and I go move some wiring.”

Some more great Tips & Techniques posts from Terry:

Those Pesky Overused Words – How to rid your work of repetitive words.

Get Off the Page – Importance of making your “voice” so soft-spoken the reader gets absorbed in your book.

Vague is OK – More on plotting, or non-plotting, as Terry calls it. Reminder to not get so bogged down in the details that the writing doesn’t get done.

Now I’ll let you go exploring Terry’s Place yourself. She has conveniently added categories to her posts so just pick a topic, click the category and see what she has for you.

Terry can also be found on the web at these locations:

Terry Odell: Romance with a Twist — of Mystery

Twitter: @authorterryo

Facebook: Terry Odell



  1. Patricia – thanks so much for featuring my blog here. And you want to know my secret about getting the book I’m reading into my post? No secret. No widget or gadget. I simply type it in!

    Terry’s Place
    Romance with a Twist–of Mystery

  2. Thanks for featuring Terry’s blog here, Patricia. I visit there often, but don’t always comment. That’s how I found this blog–I’m impressed and will definitely visit here again.

  3. I’m another big fan of Terry’s blog, so am pleased to see her featured here. Definitely worthy of a status update and a tweet or two. :)

  4. Rebecca and Patricia – thanks for stopping by, and there’s definitely some great meat over here.

    Terry’s Place
    Romance with a Twist–of Mystery

  5. Thanks Terry, Rebecca, & Patricia!


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